Monday, January 4, 2010

Free Weight Loss Tips and Weight Loss Help

Free weight loss tips and weight loss help are all over the Internet but some sites say you should cut carbs and others say that you need to cut fat while others say it's all exercise and not diet. The truth is that every expert knows it's a combination of all 3 of those things but that won't grab anybodies attention because everyone has heard it before.

In order to make people follow something it has to sound new and crazy because that is what people like to believe. So if you had a book that said eat less fat and carbs and exercise regularly to gradually lose weight the healthy way, you would not sell any copies. On the other hand if you have a book that says New diet! Lose 30 pounds in 2 weeks eating all the sweets you want. The second book would make you rich and the people that write those books know it.

The fact is that you need to increase protein intake, not because you need tons of protein in the diet to function but because it's better to get full off of protein than from too much fat or carbs. This way you will eat less fatty and carb-rich food.

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