Monday, February 16, 2009

Organic Schmorganic

This new trend of everything being "Organic" is getting really annoying.
If I learned anything from all the Chemistry classes I had in college it's that ANYTHING containing carbon is organic. And all foods are made mostly of organic (carbon-containing) compounds. Companies have taken advantage of how ignorant people are and they simply put the word organic on any of their existing products and they sell way more at triple the price. People think just because it has the word organic on the package that it is good for you.
Originally foods were called organic because they were grown without pesticides or fertilizers but companies have taken this word to the extreme. Don't always believe the words on a label. A perfect example of this would be wheat thins. Whoever thought of that name was very smart because it fools everyone into thinking they might be good for you because they contain 2 words that we associate with being healthy. But they aren't any better for you than any other cracker on the shelf with lots of fat/saturated fat.

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