Thursday, January 8, 2009

Better Biceps

I see a common mistake from almost everyone at the gym when they train their biceps. They are not keeping the force of the weight and gravity on the bicep throughout the whole range of motion. Most people when curling a weight let their elbows move away from their body at the top of the motion.

Every weight training guru/magazine will tell you that your elbow should be at your side throughout the whole range of motion. While this is better than having your elbow come forward it still doesn't work the bicep the best way possible.

So, in order to keep your bicep under constant stress you want to lean forward slightly when doing curls. Always keep your elbow directly below your shoulder throughout the whole movement.

You will notice that you will have to use a lighter weight when training biceps like this because your biceps are getting a better workout and will fatigue quicker. Notice that in the ending position gravity is still working against you which never allows the bicep to rest. In a normal curl the bicep gets to rest at the ending position because your bones are taking all the force allowing the muscles to relax.

Stay tuned for shoulder workout

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