Thursday, December 4, 2008


Okay so here are some weight loss tips to help you eat a little bit healthier... throw away all ranch and mayo that you own and buy cottage cheese! Cottage cheese tastes good on anything that you put ranch on and is much better for you than ranch. It goes well with pizza, lasagna, chimichangas, and the best is cottage cheese on a sweet potato! Try it

Also, instead of counting calories all day, compare the Fat grams to grams of Protein in each food and if there are more grams of fat than protein you should think twice about eating it. Make a deal that you will only eat a certain number of things all day that have more Fat than Protein.


Rich and Kellie said...

so are you saying that dipping oreo's in peanut butter is out??

Rachel Adventure said...

good to know, thanks.

Cade said...

Yep, dip those oreos in cottage cheese