Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ankle Weights to Jump Higher?

I hear the following question a lot, "should I wear ankle weights to jump higher?" The answer is NO! Ankle weights will not help you jump higher. How is having a weight that is below your knees going to strengthen the muscles above the knee that need to be stronger to jump higher? Ankle weights will only strengthen the hip flexor and that is not a major muscle involved in jumping. You will also mess up your gait running around with weights strapped on your ankles. You need to train smarter not harder to jump higher. A weight would need to be above your knees to make the jumping muscles stronger, but I would advice against jumping with any added weight period. Why put more stress on your knees? If you want to jump higher you need to train as closely related to the sport that you training for. If you are training for basketball, the jumping exercises should be with shoes on and many should have you handling a basketball so you can learn how to jump with a ball in your hands. If you are training for beach volleyball, you need to do most of your jump training in sand.
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