Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mobile Fitness

I keep seeing a commercial and it bothers me a lot. It's a commercial for some state college that is advertising how you can go to there school to become a personal trainer. You don't need to go to a school and pay them thousands of dollars to become a personal trainer! That school is robbing people of their money by misleading people to think that they need to pay a few grand in education to become a personal trainer. If you are interested in being a personal trainer, you should buy a book that teaches you about it, read it, implement it and then go take a test to become certified. There are many different certifications that will all give you title of personal trainer and most gyms don't care which one you get so long as you have one. Some of the best known and most accepted certifications are ACSM and NASM. Every gym accepts those 2 personal training certifications. ACSM deals a lot more on the physiology of the human body than on actual workout routines and the test is probably the hardest to pass of all the personal trainer certifications.
It's amazing how misleading and deceiving an organization can be just so they can make some money. Don't be deceived by schools offering fake degrees that they made up so that they can earn some extra money from students.

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Joe Cannon, MS, CSCS said...

I see the same commercial on TV and think the same thing. I am also a personal trainer and I also certify personal trainers. I'd also agree that the ACSM is very clinical and well recognized in fitness centers.

When people come to my classes I often tell them not to get bogged down into what is the "best" certification. The general public does not know one cert from another. Staying educated is the key to being successful.

Because I am not only a personal trainer but also teach personal trainers, I would recommend my book, Personal Fitness Training Beyond The Basics. I know my book will help you not only prepare for ANY cert but also will teach you the stuff certs (and college courses) will not: tricks of the trade and how to outshine most other trainers. My book is on my website
Joe Cannon, MS, CSCS, NSCA-CPT