Monday, March 30, 2009

Glucosamine For Knee Pain

So I have been playing beach volleyball for about 4 year now and as a result my knee has been tweaked for about 2 years. For the last year it has gotten to the point where it kills to walk up or down stairs but I can run on it fine without it hurting. I've been thinking I need to get it scoped but I can't afford that right now.

I had someone tell me that they take glucosamine for their knee pain. So I have been taking it now for about 4 days and it feels pretty good. I even went on the longest run I've ever done in my whole life on Saturday (4 miles.. pathetic I know) and it didn't hurt the next day. And this run was on a mountain trail so it a lot of up and down running which would usually bother my knee. You really aren't supposed to notice a difference until you've been taking it for 4 weeks but I can already tell it is working a bit. What it does is make more synovial fluid in your knee which allows things to glide with less friction which means less pain.

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Rich and Kellie said...

you can get it pretty cheap at costco and it's mixed with Chondroitin, so DOUBLE the fun :)