Friday, January 30, 2009

Should women take protein supplements?

The answer to this question is very easy... YES!
Well, yes if you are consistently working out. Everyone's muscles need amino acids to rebuild after a workout. While men need more protein than women, they both need to make sure they consume protein immediately after a workout. The best protein to buy is whey isolate protein. This protein is more effective in repairing muscle and you use a higher percentage of this protein versus any other. Women will NOT bulk up from eating protein nor from lifting weights! Protein doesn't make you huge, it makes you lean because it allows the exhausted muscles to have access to the amino acids that are needed for proper repair. If you are not working out you have no need for protein supplements because your muscles aren't really in need of more amino acids than what you currently eat. My advice for women is to take a half scoop of protein powder post workouts so that you will actually see the results from your workout. So should women take protein ? yes it will benefit them. I recommend the following:

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