Thursday, October 23, 2008

Push-up workout

This is the 7 Minute push-up workout..... even though it will take you longer than 7 minutes to complete at first, but that is the goal.

This workout is very simple and you should see great improvement in as little as a week of doing it.

The idea is that you do 30 push-ups each minute for 7 minutes, totalling 210 push-ups in all.

You have the whole minute to do the 30 push-ups so if you finish the first 30 in 25 seconds you get a whole 35 seconds of rest before starting the next set of 30. Ideally you want to be able to do 30 each minute but once you cant get 30 in a minute you will be trying to finish the remaining push-ups in the fastest time possible. It may take you 12 minutes to do the first time but don't worry you will improve the 2nd time and the 3rd and so on until you can get them in 7 minutes.
Post your times on here so everyone can see the improvements people are making.

You will want to give yourself at least 2 days of recovery, but probably more after the first time of doing it... you will feel it for sure.
Girls you just do all of the push-ups from your knees... you need to do push-ups too.


EMO said...

I did it in 12 minutes the first time now im down to 8

Konfusion said...

I can only do two pushups... and I HAVE to use my knees... I don't appreciate your anti women jokes and I think you should go put some anti feminist literature on the doors of everyone in our apartment again.

Love forever

Rich and Kellie said...

oh shush your blog is not the talk of Provo....however I always hear the ladies talking about this black and white picture with a man with back muscles like whoa whoa and a volleyball...NOW I KNOW WHO THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!!! :) I'm so adding you to my blog so I get mad fitness tips...If you could direct your fitness comments at chubby mom's with zero motivation, and then tell me how to fix it, I'd love that.